Tuesday, March 23, 2010

on the project line....

one of my besties in the whole world is having a baby.....
so this quilt is for the first little of the graber/sager fam,
who is coming soon this spring!

~the painful struggle is not being around to experience this with her~
love you meggles!


  1. Do you make your own quilt patterns? Is it difficult? I want to learn how to quilt but don't want to take an actual class at Joann Fabric so if you ever feel compelled to post about your quilting I WILL BE AN AVID READER! :)

  2. I actually have only made 4 quilts in my life- three within the past 6 months..... but my mom is an amazing quilter..... so I have her as a resource. For a fist quilt I would suggest the one I used out of Bend The Rules by Amy Karol. It is after I made that quilt that I figured it was pretty easy to make your own patterns for the top. Making baby blankets are a good start too because they are small and quicker- so the feelings of sucess are close at hand. I basically am a self taught crafter- I use a bunch of blogs and books to trouble shoot, but love to just "wing it"....

  3. i'm sure that will be a much loved quilt for the little sager baby. good job!

  4. I can't wait for the Hellum family to meet the new addition when you are here!!! I will be adding new pics on Sunday to the baby Sager album on facebook so you can see the belly =)