Thursday, March 25, 2010

I got crafted distracted....

Little B's rock~n~roll birthday party is coming up, just after Easter.... so I wanted to get started on the party favors for the Rockstar and his groupies!

Everyone is going home with a guitar to play their favorite tunes on
designed and handmade by mom.

here is my first sample.
are there any adjustments needed?
what do you think?

make the neck shorter (by at least an inch)
the neck needs to be wider (by at least an inch)
the neck is floppy~which isnt bad, but it bothers me.... any ideas on how to not have it so floppy?


  1. Floppy neck...maybe some heavy duty wire or thin piece of wood that runs to the body?

  2. Plumber's insulation, it is kinda like styrafoam

  3. Some of my dolls with long necks have that same problem. I've heard that you can use a dowel and stuff around it. But I haven't tried it myself. And you don't want those party favors used as weapons! Never tried plumbers insulation but styrofoam sounds like a great idea.

  4. Oh you've made a guitar! That's already on my list to make, must move up closer to top! Awesome!