Friday, March 26, 2010

guitar adjusted......

here is the trial guitar number two.
shorter and wider neck (like it much better!)
the body is less rounded ( I think I will stick with original body shape)
and the the part where the body and neck join is more gradual (kinda helped with the "floppy neck" syndrome of yesterday)

I think the final pattern is soon to be replicated another 20 times.
Gotta love the assembly line.

::side note::
trial guitar number 1 is getting a great deal of use as little B runs around the house singing Weezer's "If I Want You To" and then swings the guitar onto the ground like in Weezer's Troublemaker Video.... and then he runs around yelling "Weezer, Weezer,Weezer!"
All this to say the "floppy neck syndrome" is very useful in the child's intent to guitar smash.


  1. Cute! I can't believe you're going to make 20! If I lived closer I would definitely help out. Hey...we're thinkin' of passing through Portland at the end of far are you from downtown?

  2. we are just west from Downtown.... as a crow flies about 5 minutes, as a car drives.... 10 to 15.

  3. Wow they are amazing - what lucky party guests! :D