Saturday, March 27, 2010

swap surprise!

remember my MEOMI craft swap...
well mine arrived about 3 days ago and the kids and I love it!

its a Octonaut Aquarium... with an included jar of food.

The detail, the colors.... the depth.... it is beautiful!
It also included one of the sweetest notes that I had ever read
(yes a tear was shed~ Jen, you are way to kind and sweet! It feels good to have a friend like you.)

we couldnt decided where to put it...
I wanted it on my desk,
O wanted it on his dresser,
and B wanted it by his bed.

The compromise was in the play area where little hands could pretend feed the Octonauts...
Today Mickey and Minnie are feeding them and watching them play.

We do not have the books~ but have now decided to borrow from the library....
and with birthdays coming up for both boys~ gift ideas are brewing.

::side note::
the girl who received my crafted Monki~ I think she liked it!
I got an EEEEK!

thanks UrbanCraft for creating such a great craft swap! what a great idea! So Cute, so Fun!

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  1. That is the coolest thing! Someone actually made that? All those little pieces?Some people have too much talent