Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Simple House- Spring to clean

my own little time of letting go, decluttering and cleaning.

you may have noticed I have not posted as much as I usually do. This little hen has been busy. I thought I would, for the first time EVER, get a whole house SPRING clean done. You may think- for the first time???
well, we moved here almost 6 years ago- and I have the house always clean- with a random wild hair for the nice "overhaul cleaning" but I thought... 2010 is the year to seek out an even more simplistic and clean environment...

the theme as I go through things is
"it is okay to throw away" ( by throwing away I mean Goodwilling or passing on- but still getting rid of is the key.)

This plan is a 6 week plan ( I know, 6 whole freakin' weeks)
last week was the guest bath, closets, the laundry room, the game closet, and the hutches.
this week, the living room, dining room, and kitchen.
next week the master bed/bath.
week 3- boys room and linen closet
week 4- playroom, hall and boys bath.
week 5- office, and guest closet.
week 6- garage and attic

Along with getting rid of things, I am wiping down walls, vacuuming the ceilings (those bugger cobwebs!), scrubbing the baseboards, washing windows, and what not..... but already I feel a sense of freedom and of release. It is quite remarkable how your person even feels lighter as you move things out and let them go.
For the past few weeks the words MINIMALISM has been coming to mind- and I have been defining the difference between Minimalism and Simplicity.....
I have concluded that I am not a minimalist- but I do desire to seek out simplicity in most things.....
but the word Minimalism is a good one to have on the brain while you work on a project of this caliber....
trust me. it makes a difference.


  1. Inspired by the sun shining through my dusty kitchen windows this weekend - I decluttered, washed, polished and de-cobwebed just a small area of my kitchen - it felt so good and makes me smile everytime I pass by - I can't imagine how good it must feel to do the whole house - great idea - enjoy it! :D

  2. you know that guest bed.... really it's ok to throw it away... I call dibs on it