Sunday, March 7, 2010


entering the world of nothing new- opened my eyes to the world of swap.
of course there are some great resources and web sites relating to trading and giving away ( ie. craigslist or freecycle) but swapping is actually a creative way of meeting certain needs.

some creative swaps I have done among friend....

~I swapped a LOVE MONSTER for Valentines and Birthday Invites designs with a graphic designer friend.

~I swapped Dinner for childcare (and vice versa)

~I swapped clothing for seeds.

~and even some homemade cookies for some masking tape (we needed it really bad!).

But the funnest swaps are craft swaps.
there is a theme, a recipient, and a craft exchanged....
A new friend and blogger UrbanCraft had gone to the Olympics in Vancouver and she decided to have a swap with MEOMI characters ~the same designers of the 2010 Olympic mascots (which are the most adorable mascots ever!)
What fun! the hardest part so far is figuring out what to make.... the creative juices are on overflow- and I cant make up my mind.......
I just love so many parts of this creative artwork....
the thoughts have been narrowed down to~
the teacup and monkey.
the narwhal.
and that cute little squirrel ( with acorns).

and that is just the beginning of all the cuteness... not only the characters had to choose, next is what to make.
a stuffie
a decorated applique bag
a painted dish....
endless options.

who knew a swap would involved so much thinking....
but I do like thinking about it!

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