Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fruits of our Labor

(the next post will be my party success... but these photos couldn't wait!)

I had never seen or heard of these until last year in my territorial seed co. booklet....
but they are apple trees, lovely apple trees that have short branches and the fruit grows on the trunk. Apple trees that are perfect for the small yards and urban home....
its called a Columnar Apple Tree. They grow straight up, to about 10 feet and the apples are red and sweet. These buds are a beginning of what I hope to be a wonderful relationship between me and the greatness of this fruit.

The thing about these buds is the scent! they smell amazing... (insert scratch and sniff here!) and the colors are lovely. You must come for a visit, enjoy a cup of tea, a simple cupcake and sit here with me.... you will not regret the drive!

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  1. I really wish I could! They sound great - I wouldn't mind some of those over here too! Enjoy that cup of tea and think of me!!!!:D