Friday, April 9, 2010

The guitar shop is open!

11 guitars are gonna be played
at the little boy's Birthday....

(I still have about 3 more to make, but I am well on my way.....)
not to mention, I thought, "Hey. I can embroider a T-shirt for the birthday boy" (sublime stitchery has the best designs!)
with an electric guitar over his shoulder, corded to the back where an Amp will be.

do I have time to make a musical banner??? hmmm.... we'll see! (26 hours and counting!)
who needs to sleep???


  1. Wow- you are a machine! Look at you go! Those guitars are sooooooo cool.

  2. Oh Tif I have said it before but it's true - you are amazing girl! Good luck with the rest but remember he probably wants you conscious at that party! xx

  3. Loved the shirt :).... glad I wasn't the only one dressed up :)