Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poem in your Pocket

today O's school is having poem in your pocket day...
each kid had to write or copy a poem, put it in their pocket and read it to 20 people....

this is what O copied...
from Sharon Chreech's novel HATE THAT CAT

I hate that cat
like a dog hates a rat
I said I hate that cat
like a dog hates a rat

Hate to see it in the morning
hate to see that
F A T black cat.

( we do not allow the word hate in our vocabulary, so he thought it was pretty great to write hate and gets to say it 20 times today..... he tells me "these are not my words mom, the poem says them"::: (boys try and find anyway to get around things, dont they!)

and this is what I have been doing......
(yes, another one!) and I really like this one a lot!


  1. I wish I was half has motivated to sew half as much as you! I'm gonna go home and sew today...thanks for all of the inspiration. <3
    Funny poem.

  2. how cute! that is just like a boy!