Thursday, May 20, 2010

my mom tops the cupcake!

She is the mom of moms. She has always been crafting and creating for as long as I can remember...
I remember the couch always having stray needles sticking out of it, embroidery floss strands on the carpets..... there was always a collection of fabrics in the closets, a project being worked on, and a pair of scissors that were unable to be touched by a child..... "these were MOM's scissors".
It is no wonder that I am a crafty girl, the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

she is in California, and I miss her all the time....
and she always has a part in my birthday parties (even being so far away!)....
this year,
it was cupcake sticks.
aren't these beautiful!!!!
the rabbit is so cute, and he even pops out of the hat to play with!
and of course, you have to have a large one for you centerpiece....
and to top it off....
a magician birthday card.

::side note::
this is what I did last night....
a felt patch for his t-shirt.
can you see the magician???


  1. This is wonderful. I love that your mom nice and she does great work. Love your magician, he's great!

  2. Wow! Can you come plan my party? If you run out of things to do at home, maybe you should start a party planning/ catering business with the advantage of being eco-frendly, sustainable, organic, and really tasty!

  3. Natasha~ you are not the only one who has said that to me... I get that comment A LOT! Wouldnt that be fun!!!! I would love that, maybe one day.... maybe one day! but you know me, I would do it all for free~ I hate taking money from people (and my husband would not like the balance in our bank!?! hahaaha!)

  4. So cute, love the cup cake thingies!