Wednesday, May 19, 2010

getting ready

my Oldest Little is having a birthday party this Friday night. I cant believe he is going to be 7. He wanted it Magic themed so we hired out a magician, bought some magic-ish fabrics....
and now I am figuring out what to do.

table cloth.
a pair of shorts.
do I have time to embroider a t-shirt?
If anyone needs a little magic right now.... it would be me.
give me three days... and I will make something happen!


  1. 1Can't wait to see what you come up with. This is a great party theme for 7 year olds. They will LOVE it. Happy Birthday

  2. Seems like everyone is posting about birthdays! Beanie's party is next week and she wants to go to Glowing Greens. Have you been there? It's downtown under the hilton- black light, pirate miniature golf. Your boys would probably love it!

  3. Good luck ! My oldest boy had a "Harry Potter" party for his 6th birthday last year . A lot of work but brilliant fun . We had a "potions class" with mini-cauldrons , bicarb , coloured water & vinegar - los of shrieking , excited children !

  4. what great ideas....
    a potions/concoctions set up.
    and pirate miniature golf.....
    WOW! love it!