Saturday, May 15, 2010

bring the outside....

"for a simple house there nothing more divine
than bringing the outdoors in."

A mason jar of flowers.
a bucket full of pine cones.
a platter with rocks.

whatever is in your yard or park...
bring it home and set it up for display.
I've been reading the late Elspeth Thompson's book, The Wonderful Weekend: Reclaiming Life's Simple Pleasures, and she mentions that one of the simplest things you can do to seek a calmness in your home is to go out into nature and bring it back home.

This weekend, grab a mason jar, a pair of scissors, and some walking shoes.... go for a stroll.... and bring something home.

My Iris's decided to bloom this weekend, so I have some around the house. Each time I see them I am remind myself to slow down, take life in, and to relish in the moments around me.
what will you bringing home?


  1. Elspeth would love me. I'm sure of it. Whilst walking ANYWHERE! I pick up all sorts of stuff. I'm a picker-upper. I have all sorts of stuff I've picked up and then store and use and love and lalalaa...
    Your irises are lovely and I love how springy it is in your neck of the woods.

  2. Beautiful! I tried to do that during the holidays but we don't have any pine cone trees =( Your iris are gorgeous! What a green thumb you have.

  3. yes, my neck of the woods gets a TON of rain.... but it makes the next 4 months fantastic. and Natasha, the iris were here before I was.... the green thumb of the lady who lived here before me was remarkable. I get to enjoy all her hard work.

  4. We brought home some shells and stones from the beach!

  5. oh lovely!!!!! I love our coast!!!

  6. Glad you are enjoying the book - are you going to learn ukelele next?! :D