Friday, May 14, 2010

not as much posting...

but lots of sewing.
the projects I have taken on are all half finished, waiting for the final touches.

the dick and jane quilt was filled, backed and bound. DONE!

the vintage boy quilt was filled, backed and tied. still waiting to be bound (today's task!) and last night I embroidered the child's name on a patch for the back of the quilt (Miles Ico). Super cute!

the reports say this weekend is going to be beautiful.... SUNNY, WARM and GORGEOUS. I had better get going on these finishing touches~ because the outdoors awaits for me.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Hey Tif - they are gorgeous! I'll be thinking of you outside (stitching?) and enjoying the sunshine - have a good weekend :D

  2. Your quilts are marvelous. The mamas receiving these are SO lucky. Go for you for offering such a heart felt gift. So jealous of your weather. We are just now getting leaves on our trees. Just barely!

  3. you got me beat, not much posting OR sewing. I have a quilt in mind though. Yours is adorable!