Monday, May 3, 2010

Tea Time

Compost Tea, that it!
mmm... good stuff for you plants.....
there are all sorts of "recipes" to make compost tea....
and they are all great, but,
this is kinda the lazy way to do it.

I just take a bucket. any old bucket will do.
fill about 4 inches of compost on the bottom.
I fill the bucket up with water, stir it up, and let is steep. It steeps for 2 days....
and then I just pour over plants that need a little "pick me up".
With the compost still at the bottom, I then refill with water and do the process over.

I had never done the "tea" before until this past season....
and what a huge difference it has made in my plants blooms as well as veggies.
My lilac bush never had blooms on it (maybe one or two) but this year,
after using the tea,
it had a bounty of blooms...
and in turn, has filled my home with fragrant flowers for weeks.

try it! it is worth the efforts....
and the rewards are found in the "dirt".


  1. Great tip. I had no idea how to make compost tea. If it would stop snowing here I could get on it! Come on spring!

  2. We are definitely doing this this weekend!