Tuesday, May 11, 2010

what is a snack, without a bag?

...a mess.

Many of us "eco-mommy" types (via. Urban Craft) dont like to use plastic baggies/ziplocks etc. for our "grab and go" snacks and lunches....
I have made a few of these before, but with the new babies coming...
I made some snack bags out of the extra fabrics from the quilts.

I double lined mine.
if you dont care about being double lined...

::helpful hint:: for those "bit messier" snacks you can place them in a wax bag first, then a snack bag. These wax bags are fantastic!! They are compostable, cheap, good for our kids, and our planet!


  1. I was just thinking about making some of these! I've seen these all over etsy but some of them have questionable materials. If I were to make something like this, how long could something inside stay fresh?

    Have you seen the sandwich wraps/ placemats? What types of safe materials could be used that are easily wiped down?

  2. okay, so this is what I would do....
    how about make a fold-able sandwich mat, but make it so a brown wax paper sheet could tuck into the corners, then, you have only the wax paper touching your sandwich, it is wrapped... so there is freshness, and then, it is washable, and compostable. Just a thought off the top of my head... this may be an idea to design...hmmmm.

  3. I just bought some reusable bags on etsy but the wax paper idea is brilliant! Love it! Thanks for always helping me find small ways to make a difference.

  4. brown wax paper perfect! I was thinking about a liner, great link! It's funny that I made these bags, as for sandwiches that are really messy, I have used aluminum foil. I know, more consuming, but then it gets recycled. But compostable wax paper is way better.

    i love your bags!

  5. We just discovered those wax bags too. I've been thinking of making some snack bags too, what about lining with oil cloth?

  6. I have seen the oil cloth idea.... not to sure the chemical make-up of oil cloth though... it is an idea~ that would work.