Wednesday, June 9, 2010

sourcream apple pie

I read this yesterday and couldnt resist making it today.
I have some girlie friends coming over tonight and need to make a treat to make their hearts happy.

one little thing.
i like pies... but I dont like pie crust ( I know, I am weird like that!) so I thought, what would it be like to make it without the pie crust, and more... say... like... a crumble....

here's to a night of trying something new!

I will let you know how it turned out!


  1. I am one of the "girlie friends" and I say it was delicious. It is super funny to hear about Tiffany's hatred for crust- I can not agree. However, it was so yummy that I did not even miss it. Good recipe!

  2. ALicia blogs about this pie all the time and I always wonder if it is really that good. Sour cream and apples, I don't know.... But sounds like it was awesome so I should just break down and try it!

  3. Lori- you know, it was actually REALLY good.... I thought the same thing about the sour cream, but it is surprisingly refreshing and not too sweet!