Tuesday, June 15, 2010

$13 a flat

for the best hood berries on the planet. in past posts I have stated my passion for hood berries....
last year alone I think we made a good 15 cups of strawberry jam. Really~ these berries are beautiful, sweet, and really delicate.
we were on our last jar of jam last week when the local fruit stands began to open with their limited supply of hoods. With all the rain, and lack of sunshine the berries have been more scarce this year than in years past. Not to mention hoods are in season for about 2 weeks~ when you see them, you gotta get them or you have to wait a whole 'nother year.

I hadn't been able to get out to the fields until yesterday~ but after a great weekend of warm weather and no clouds... yesterdays berries were the best of the season.

A well spent $13.....
and a family night of jam making was in order. (chef hat and all!)


  1. I am SO jealous. I totally want a chef's hat like that! Oh wait, I'm jealous about the strawberries too. They look amazing. Can't wait to hear about the jam. Is it freezer jam? I'm with Urban Craft, how about a little strawberry rhubarb pie! oh goodness.

  2. Mmmm I wish they would travel in the mail! Love the hat - that is so a good look - gorgeous! :D

  3. Em- I thought about that, but it is freezer jam... and that wouldn't go over well with customs.