Monday, July 12, 2010


my summer at home just started.... ( some would say, I am a little late... but, I disagree.... I am just in time!)
and just as my blogging friend Lori has done.... I will follow suit.

Dear Summer.
I have long awaited your bright nights, your blazing fires, the long walks, and the warmth of your grass..... and now that you are here....
we are going to make some things happen.

We are going to master the art in pie crust. I know this is a tall order from one who does not like pie crust- but I want to believe the reason why I dont like it- is because I dont make it well.

We are going to let the mud squish between my toes and giggle.

We are going to create dinners full of the herbs you have blessed my garden with.

We will sit and read in a big red chair.

We will pedal slowly and let the wind blow our hair.

We will carve our names in a tree stump.

We will finally find the fish that is in the pond.... everyone has seen it except for me!

We will actually put on a swimming suit, and run in the sprinklers.

We will embrace the moment of my boys' smile, their love of back rubs, their silly jokes, their air-drumming and their squeeze of the hand. They will only be 7 and 5 for this time.... and I want to have the moments be the ones I remember when I grow old.

We will walk together holding hands as the day ends.....
Summer... you are slow, you are long and you are here. I am ready to take on what you have in store.

Dear Summer....
Lets do this thing, and Rock it!


  1. Love your list - will have to write one myself . My boys finish school on Friday for 8 weeks holiday & they are at a similar stage to yours (7 & almost 5) . Good to slow down & savour the moments for a while...