Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A dinner and a concert.... and a Zoo!

Portland is known for its great summer events. Zoo Concerts, Waterfront Festivals, Wine tastings, Art Walks, Runs, Bike rides, and just all around "get the family out together" time. Most are free or at a minimal cost.
Last night the family went to a Zoo Concert on the lawn....
the boys danced,
air drummed,
ran around like wild dogs,
picnic'd on the lawn....

we all had so much fun!!!!
( and for the first time this summer, the boys slept in. I am thinking we should do trips like that more often.)

more photos to come.... waiting on hubby's phone to deliver!


  1. We've never been to a zoo concert because we heard it was, well, a zoo... and really crowded. I sound like my parents not able to tolerate waiting in line or navigating a crowd. Great...

  2. Lori~ I agree.... I heard the same thing, but going in August actually wasn't that bad..... I think by the time August comes around people kinda forget that it is something to do, and as you know... August is a big "get out of town" month. It wasnt THAT bad.