Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In a Pickle ( or at least, in jars!)

I made pickles!
my mom gave me this book for my birthday, it is really great for canning in small amounts... but also makes things easy to double up as well. I have read through this book all winter, waiting for the perfect time to crack it open, get my hands wet, and some jars sealed.
Viola~ the outcome is found in my garlic dill pickles! Fresh Dill from my backyard, Pickling Cucumbers compliments of the Beaverton Farmer's Market ... I bought 7 cucumbers for just over $2... and made three full jars of pickles. SCORE!

I am anxiously waiting for this Saturday's market trip so I can make more!

if you have not canned before, check this book out from the library and try a few recipes.... I was shocked at how easy canning really is!


  1. They look delicious - I'm going to see if that book is available over here! :D

  2. oh Em, I think you would like it!!! It would give you a little something to do with your Co-op veggies that you get each week.