Monday, August 23, 2010

a long time away.....

my biggest apologies since I have been away....
last week,
was one of the toughest weeks, with a weekending that was much better.

Tuesday evening I was called to appear at Jury duty....
and spent all day Wednesday sitting in a chair... waiting.
luckily I was able to spend some time reading about chickens.
(oh I forgot to tell you~ the city of Beaverton passed the city ordinance to allow foul on property... which means.... CHICKENS!!!!!)
I have been on a wait list for many books with the library, but had to stop at POWELLS and pick up this little diddy right here ( and I am sure glad I did).
I read the entire book- front to back.... while waiting.

it was near 5pm when my name was called, and I was quickly sitting next to another 12 unsuspecting others, to hear a trial on Domestic Violence....
there goes the next two days.

so, Thursday~ spent the time in trial.... had to find care-takers and drivers for my boys for the day....

This day was also a sad day for our family as we said goodbye to one of our family pets, and the other girl of the house. Sergei was 17 years old, and was loosing all her functions... we needed to do something about it.
her life as our dog, was amazing. She was a kind dog with a tender sweet lick. She was a dog of gentle grace. She had a spring in her step that could lunge her up to the center window of our back door~ even with a low large window right next to the door.... she still choose to spring up to look at us. As she would be pulled by gravity back down her little ears would flop like the pig tails of a girl jumping rope. She could curl herself into the smallest ball~ never knowing where her nose began or her tail ended. What a good girl she was.
and we will miss her dearly.
kisses with O~ 2003

at our first apartment~looking down below at the brewery traffic (1997)

Christmas 2009
soaking up the sun 2010

The trial ended after one day (thank goodness!)..... but halted our plans to Seattle until early Saturday. The week ended with a trip to Seattle Washington~ playing water sport fun on the lake. and a Sunday visit with my wonderfully like-minded friend/ cousin~ and her family of boys!


  1. Hope the boys (and you two) are doing okay. We had to say goodbye to a lot of dogs growing up and it's not easy. Hope you all have better days soon!

  2. Oh Tif this made me cry - we lost our dear old dog nerly three years ago now and while Snap has gone a long way to filling the gap in our hearts, I still miss him very much. Wish I could be there to give you a big hug, hope a virtual one will help a bit....Sorry I haven't been round to visit for a while - something had to give in the glorious business of the summer and me getting time to read all my favouite posts is the bit that lost out! Take care - hope things get back to normal for you soon Em x

  3. Thanks guys! Your words are kind.... we are doing well. We miss her~ tif