Monday, September 13, 2010

it was a break..... but, not so much.

sorry for the absence last week.
the boys started school~ both are leaving early in the morning, which has my day starting with ALOT of coffee, and walking one boy and busing one.

The week needed some redesigning of routine,
some readjusting of sassy attitude,
reawakening of a night owl,
and all around extra love and attention.

I was gone from blogland, but not from home.
I did....
make this.
and this.
and this.
chocolate banana bread from A Homemade Life

Zucchini Galette from Smitten Kitchen

baked donuts
(recipe from "who knows where!" but we love them every time I make them)

picked these.
the crops are starting to harvest here.

was given these.
my sweet neighbor's dahlias

read about these.
planning for my future with chickens???

drank A LOT of this.
home-brew iced latte~ a very strong brew
pictures does no justice to the way I love them!

and kissed both of these!
yes, it was a good week!


  1. Ummm....can I please come over for breakfast, lunch and dinner?! You're amazing!

  2. Awww...that was an inspiring post! I love the galette! i want to make it!

  3. Kara- mi casa es tu casa..... visit my house when the travels bring this way!

  4. Making me hungry ... time to fit in some more baking !

  5. Oh I wish I had the time to read and bake again, it all looks so tasty! I read made from scratch this year thinking it was a book on crafting or sewing. I'm not sure how i feel about raising chickens but it certainly was an interesting read!