Thursday, September 2, 2010

our new pet.

a true short story of
today with my little.

There once was a boy who loved going to the park.
He wanted to build a nest for a pet bald eagle.
For two days he collected sticks on the trail for this special pet.

One day it was finally done,
so he took his scooter to find the new pet.

the nest was ready... and so was he.

he had food (oats to be exact).....

and a train whistle to call his bald eagle pet.
So he blew his whistle with a big LOUD "toot".
Then yelled into the wind "Come here pet bald eagle! Come live in your new nest and be my friend!"

And he began to wait...

and wait...
and wait...
and wait....
and wait....
He began to wonder about this great limb that hung from a tree.
"watch this mom!" as he began to swing.
and swing, and swing and swing.

The nest is still empty.



  1. What a cute post. Love the photos of him waiting...and waiting! Great story!!

  2. That was lovely! Both the story and the fact that kids with glasses always get me making silly noises at my computer screen.