Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Plum thumb.

that is what I had yesterday as I walked to a neighbor's neglected overly ripe Italian Prune tree (aka large, super sweet, wonderful plums). Upon my asking for a small basket full, she said if I picked a bag- she would get half.
HALF.... what is this, slave labor????
but willingly, I agreed.
I spent two hours plucking these "fruits of heaven" from this large tree... many of them nibbled by squirrel, or just cracked from being over ripe.... but it did not matter... I filled two bags (one for the cost of picking, and one for the love of eating).

fulfilling one of my goals this summer-
I got my dehydrator out and dried the overly ripe ones (oh my sweetness!)

and then made a plum kuchen for a family treat after dinner.
recipe found on smitten kitchen~ her story about her day making it is really funny..... so go and read it, and have a laugh. I also happen to think her photos of the kuchen are better. Her description of the taste is right on. It's a divine cake.... really divine!

now being "plum" tuckered out....
I have some freezer jam planned for the rest.
mmmmmm...... I love this time of year.


  1. All looks gorgeous - worth the slave labour! :D

  2. Wow, your neighbor has nerve...

    They look great tho!