Monday, October 25, 2010

did your mom ever....

Did she ever pick you up from school and not tell you where you were going but give you clues the whole way???? I have a mom that did that every so often- and they were the neatest times together. Now it is my turn.

Last Thursday,
I picked O up from school, and had his rain boots in hand. With his work all done, he had a day free and I was ready to give him a little surprise!
We jumped onto the freeway, south about 10 miles.... and visited a local family fun pumpkin patch!
Hay rides, jumping pillows, pony rides, hay maze, baby cows, goats, chicks and puppies....
not to mention~fresh apple cider donuts (actually, this made the trip more than worth it!)

Both boys had a blast! and on the way home both of them talked non-stop about all that they did. This made me proud to be able to do this with them.....
and grateful that I had a mom that was spontaneous with surprises!

The boys with their pumpkin picks..... B's was teeny tiny, and O's was a big as he could get it!

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  1. That looks so much fun! and as for the fresh apple cider donuts - wow :D