Monday, October 4, 2010

a family that

paints together... stays together.
this weekend we have started to remove the soft mellow yellow.... and will bring in the someBRIGHT color to B's new room. The boys shared a room until last week... but this past week, B wouldn't sleep in his new room....
so to get him to stay in it we decided to paint and add a bit of music to it.
so, we are gonna be adding all sorts of "greatness" to the room... to make it HIS....
and we started together.....
( I can say, with two littles in the room....with paint brushes... had me a bit.... anxious. But, all in all.... they had fun and that is all that matters.)
updates will follow....
this will be a room in progress for a while.
(off to go make some curtains!)

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  1. So Cute! Looking forward to seeing what you get up to :D