Saturday, November 20, 2010

A harvest market

The Beaverton Farmers Market closes in mid-October, but I just found out that the week before Thanksgiving they open the market for local farmers to bring the bounty of the harvest to us, the urban dwellers. This trip today was a surprise to me... but also one that brought me great anticipation....
as one who is still considered new to eating locally and seasonally- I find the winter months hard to be creative with food and limited in knowledge of what is out there seasonally to enjoy. It is in the places like the farmers market that I feel inspired. competent. and at home.
Locally we have one market that is bi monthly through the winter months...

I challenge myself, you guys hear it first, I challenge myself to visit, to buy seasonally and to make the most of what is available in the Pacific Northwest this winter.
I accept this challenge and have my fingers crossed.
But until then I will enjoy my kombocha squash, pumpkin seed butter, basil tomato hummus, and CSA harvest gift (from a great friend!) this Thanksgiving. (The CSA harvest bag has all sorts of yummies in it- sweet potato, potato, broccoli, beans, squash, pumpkin, pear, honey and walnuts- really one of the most creative gifts I have been given).

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