Sunday, November 21, 2010

a rainy weekday adventure

I won something.
something that was really great.

I was watching a local midday show (I normally dont have TV on in the daytime, nor during the week). This day, I did. I am also glad I did. There was this cutie patootie chef named Jason French sharing a recipe with caramelized brussel sprouts, and the use of celery root... foods that are common this time of year... but I had never eaten let alone cooked with.
here is the video of what I was watching CLICK HERE!

and I won this contest (I never win anything!).... as a guest to eat at Ned Ludd, a family style dinner, cooked by Jason. He was readily available to talk with, ask questions, and share stories together. The evening was wet (surprise, surprise for Portland), and I walked into Ned Ludd alone. I was graciously greeted by a photographer/blogger/sweet girl, Allison Jones, and she soon had me at her table with others as we dined on foods and wine that no mother had ever made for me (sorry mom, but this stuff was remarkable). We had fun laughing, getting to know each other, guessing what certain tastes were and enjoying the warmth of the wood fire oven, where Jason's magic happened. My words would be fumbled if I were to share what this night entailed.... it was pure heaven for me to even be a part of..... but Allison.... oh she has blogged about the experience and her words have me reliving the night every time I read it. So, I will let her words tell you about it.. LemonBasilPDX.. and I will just sit here pretty and smile (Vanna White style).
If you ever get a chance to have a Portland Food Adventure..... take that chance, it is worth it, and you will never forget it!

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  1. Wow!! Those s'mores looked absolutely to die for...and the brussel sprouts looked yummy too!