Thursday, November 4, 2010

I had to just

walk away.

I have been working on this quilt- for awhile.
every time I start it.... something happens.
I cut wrong. I loose fabric. you name it- something goes wrong.

so I had to just walk away......
I hung it up.... and just forgot about it for a while.
I needed to clear my mind!
I brought it out again two weeks ago....
did a few adjustments....
and was ready to go at it again.... a fresh perspective.... a new look.....

unfortunately- more mistakes have happened. The most recent is buying more white fabric- at 50 inches..... cutting it... and having only 42 inch strips......
how does one intentionally buy 50 inches- needing 7 strips at 50 inches each.... and gets 42 inches?????
I have made this mistake three times. not once. not twice.... but THREE!
will this quilt ever be finished?
I sure hope so- because it is a gift that is well overdue!

1 comment:

  1. See THIS is what I'm talking about. THIS is why I'm too scared to quilt!!!