Wednesday, November 3, 2010

afterschool education

if you remember last spring....
and my endeavor (One Small Change) to work with the community/school on green living....
you will remember my commitment to doing after school programs with my son's school.

The Spring session was awesome, as we sprang into action about green eating, local eating and gardening. It was a wealth of information shared with kids....
and the talk about it still floods the halls of school.

Today marks the beginning of the Fall sessions....
and I am moving forwards with the "Eco Kids Club" as I have 5 lesson plans on the 3R's.

The information today is about our Landfills, the Great North Pacific Gyre (the ocean's plastic mess!) and how our choices have created a "mess" of plastics. We will go over the 3 R's- reduce, reuse and recycle....
but the focus will mainly be in reduce. What does that mean- how can "we", as kids, make an impact towards change in our homes, in our school, and in our community.

I am so excited to take this information..... and share it.... in hopes that someone... someone young.... will begin to ask questions. to think. and to want to make an difference.
Here are two of the videos that I will be showing them...... to get their little heads "a-thinkin"

a Good Morning America clip.

and a youtube video featuring the John Mayer song "Make a Change"

today will begin the 5 weeks of kids becoming aware of a world that needs a change. wish me luck!


  1. This is SO great! Best of luck although I don't think you will need it.

  2. Have so much fun - you will rock I know you will! Don't forget to tell us how it goes :D