Monday, November 1, 2010

Almond Joy has nuts... Mounds dont!

lets talk about coconut.
well, because I love coconut, and everyone else in our house hates it!
why is that?!?!

I sadly look forward to halloween so that I can rummage through the candy bags for the famous mounds bars that no one touches... knowing that this is my chance to taste the sweet white shreds of bliss without hearing complaints of "oooohhh gross!"

Then this wonderful woman, Rachel Ray, found a way to make them at home.
now, I only buy one or two magazines a year. And Rachel's Everyday Fall issue is one of them. I love her soups, her creative fall decor' and all the inspiration she offers....

I can now make these tasty mounds treats at home.....
enjoy anytime a year.....
and all to myself!
mmmmmmm..... goodness!
(now if I could just figure out a recipe for 3 musketeers)

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