Monday, November 1, 2010

there were no tricks- and lots of treats!

the kids survived....
and the adults- barely (thanks to a good friend to walk with and a glass of wine!)

with a 4 day weekend for the holiday- sending them to school this morning was a moment I couldn't wait for. ... let the teacher deal with the sugar withdraw.

no really- we had a blast!
the day must always starts with a trip to VooDoo Donuts.
whoever thinks to put a maple bar and bacon together~ deserves the award for world peace in my book.

next came pumpkin carving. dressing up. and trick-or-treating!
B stayed out with us for about 30 minutes, and then with the great luck of having a cell phone a little call to dad to pick him up... O and I went till much later.
One house had a glass of wine poured for us mothers~ and I have to say that was the best house to trick or treat at.... but O tends to think the ones with the peanut butter cups were better.
We both agree to disagree.

halloween 2010.


  1. I love O's hair!!! An little B makes an adorable Mickey Mouse!

  2. Your kids look AWESOME! Your trick or treating sounds like yours. So much fun. Now on to November. I'm actually glad to bid October goodbye, it was too busy for me! Thanks for posting pictures!

  3. OHHH and Voodoo donuts! We have seen them featured on Man vs. Food. I am sooooo jealous! I would love a maple/bacon donut!!! Lucky ducks.

  4. I might still trick or treat if I could get a glass of wine! And that donut looks amazing!!