Wednesday, January 5, 2011


is it that time already????
my Territorial came in the mail yesterday and I am not ready!
I want more time to plan.
my garden space is to wet, to cold, and to small.
but look at the 5 pages of greens...
the many varieties of heirloom tomatoes...
do you think my neighbor will move her fence so I can have more land for what I want to grow???
I wonder how I could ask her???
Would a basket full of goodies do the trick???
(what if it were a local Harry& David Fruit basket????)
photo from Harry and David
here is an easy go to on how to get the most from your space. It encourages you to think about what you need, the light available, and many other things that maybe you forget about when you start to plan (ie. dogs, chickens, kids...etc.)
and here is a planting chart to use

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