Thursday, January 13, 2011

when life

brings you lemons....

what would YOU make?

I see a lemon drop ( yes, a vodka drink, of course!)
or even on a sauce for chicken?
oh I know....

my mom bought me this Meyer lemon tree for Christmas this year-
I think this is one of the best gifts ever.....
It is almost ready for me to use it's fruits. And I am so excited!
thanks mom!


  1. LEMON BARS!!! and all that other stuff sounds good too. :)

  2. Salad Dressing! Works best with Meyer lemons, but I mix lemon juice, salt and pepper...yummm

  3. Lucky girl....lemon drop indeed. Let's plan a date. I will make one at the same time you make one and we will drink them together. Yours will be better because you have your own lemon tree....jealous!

  4. That is sooooooo cool. I just told my husband I want one for my birthday. :)

    I agree with you on the lemon drop idea!

  5. i'm so jealous. We have a tree in california with the sweetest lemons. We had to leave it there cause it would die in the dry mountains here. But I hear everything grows in portland.