Tuesday, January 11, 2011

what's needling you?

so, as you guys know- I love the simple knit stitch of this pattern.... you can sit anywhere, listen to conversation, lectures, music, really- anything (even watch Oregon State play the BCS... and I don't even like football... just imagine how much knitting I accomplished last night).
Yesterday, I went to a lecture given by Temple Grandin.... who if you EVER get a chance to see... you must! She is inspiring, especially for parents of an autistic or sensory integrated child. I just knitted away as she spoke~ and we were all just happy as pie! mmmm....pie!
You can put this project down at anytime and pick it up without feeling like you have to figure out where you are. The blanket from the past summer that I worked on- was a hit with the little baby it was for (made with organic cotton cord)... and with another baby due next month... I have another in the works.
This sort of pattern is also being used right now to make a long shawl (using a chenille burgundy yarn. I bought 6 skein for $10, at a thrift store about 7 years ago)...
I started both of these projects just after Christmas and I am already feeling so accomplished.
The shawl is really coming out nicely- and with the chilly weather here- working on it is also keeping me quite comfy. If I am ever working on it in public- people are always wanting to touch it- it is that remarkably soft!
The best thing about these project moving right along- is that there is now a bit of room in my yarn cubbie......
for more yarn????
hmmm..... maybe?
I can already see my husbands face in disbelief ( come on readers- you know the face!).
so, are you needling????

after thought- okay, so I have been corrected... it is UofO not Oregon State--- once again, I am not a football fan, nor do I comprehend college rivalry... my bad!


  1. I'll have you know it was OREGON, not Oregon STATE in the BCS Championship! Having been a Duck myself, I got nothing done last night and we were downright miserable during the game-- I pace and wring my hands much to the amusement of my husband. :) Maybe if I knitted I wouldn't wring my hands so much! :)

  2. Lori- please forgive me.... I am from So.Cal where college sports are not a big deal... nor do we have two school of such great rivals.... I get so confused.... ducks, beavers, fish or kangaroo.... I have no idea. All I know is that I watched boys with bright yellow socks run across a green field and chase a ball..... I assumed it was football.

  3. oh yea- and knitting may have helped... although knowing how close the game was- your hands would still be tied in knots!

  4. OK Tif, you should have stayed with the not a football fan because the rivalry between USC and UCLA football is major. I won't tell WAyne that you said college sports are no big deal, he may never let you in his house again.

  5. now I feel that this is the most controversial post yet.... I did say I dont understand rivalry in sports.... hence, I went to CSUF where we dont even have a football team.... can I just reiterate and say I am not a football fan. and yes Meg- please dont tell Wayne... he has a pool, and I would like to use it in the summers (teehee!)

  6. just a second... this post is about my knitting- not the football!!!! are we missing the point here? just saying!