Thursday, August 26, 2010

summer knitting

I started this baby blanket while on vacation in California... I wanted something easy, simple, and thoughtless. Basically this pattern is the garter stitch all across with a little simple "something" at the beginnings of each row... mindless working for long car rides, short waiting room trips, easy to pick up and put down. Being 10 weeks into this craft, I have never knitted something this big before and I am not a quick knitter... I am glad to say I am on the decreasing end of this blanket and am waiting for a baby to be born ( should be soon!) to give it to....
come on babies....
lets get to the business of being born.

here is the pattern that I used... trust me, this is SUPER SUPER easy!

I am using a natural cotton yarn with white and dyed blue and green twisted together..... cute, fun and good for a girl or a boy!

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