Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Small Change... Meatless X's 2

We already consume small amounts of meat here.
We eat one day meatless.
One whole chicken can last 2- 3 days.
One pound of ground beef can last 2 days....
giving a day for leftovers.

so really- One Chicken and One pound of beef for a whole week- is not to bad....
but- my challenge for the One Small Change in February is to have two days of Meatless consumption a week.... making our leftovers last longer, our meat last longer....
and our carbon footprint smaller.

Today-in the fridge are
3 Free Range Organic Local Whole Chickens
2 lbs of ground grass-fed Free Range Organic Beef
One Alaskan Salmon.

Our family will eat this in meat for the month.....
and that will be all.
Cutting one chicken and 2 lbs of beef out of the monthly consumption....
I believe we can do it!


  1. This is a great idea! My daughter doesn't eat meat so we pretty much only eat meat a couple times a month. However, in the summer we eat a lot more with grilling! You are going to do great...enjoy!

  2. I believe in you too! Have fun :D