Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a tisket a tasket

I have always wanted one of these baskets.... found in the post from SouleMama

I dont even know what they are called, but you see them in all the great knitting stores or in a really good knitter's house, holding all their yarns and newest creations.
so, my mom... while visiting....
bought me one for my birthday/ Christmas gift (have I told you all how awesome my mom is!)

and here it is....
sitting by my "night spot" full of all my newest creations. Now the task ahead is to become a "really good knitter" so that I can own this basket without being a poser....

I started a baby sweater this weekend.
Finished a cute baby beanie.
and finished that large baby blanket that I started after Christmas.

I am a knitting fool!


  1. Very cute basket, I have only seen the more colourful ones (which are beautiful) but a plain one would more suit my decor, where did you find it?

  2. Jennifer- I got them at a local yarn shop in Beaverton Oregon.... For Yarns Sake. They have a web site that looks like you can order them for $26.

    I bet if you call and tell them you want a plain one they can send it to you! Good luck!