Wednesday, March 2, 2011

my weekend craftings

sorry it has been a few days since I have posted.....
life here is ready for spring.... but we seem to keep getting winter.

the past weekend was my second craft day and I got myself busy finishing up some of those crafts that needed my attention....
finished the quilt top (that was the main goal of the day!)

now, adding the back and binding to the quilt-
It should be done by my next craft day- if I stay focused.

I also finished the knitted vest (this was my second sweater ever.... and a favorite so far!)
got a bit of reading done...
I am reading Austen's Pride and Prejudice (again! love it!!! there is just something about reading this book going into spring time.) The Help by Katherine Stockett and Every Last Cookoo by Kate Maloy

and I started a whale (knitting, that is.)
(found this knitted pals book- and I think I am getting the hang of the invisible increase.... all sorts of new learning going on here!)
the whale is just a practice craft.... I have always admired those who do amigurumi and think the craft is so cool! So, here is my beginnings of learning beyond the knit and purl and the readings of a pattern.
~This one may take me a while~ lets just hope not as long as it took me to finish that quilt.... right???
all in all- it was another productive craft day for the month of February!!!


  1. 1. I LOVE the quilt! We have 2 handmade quilts in our home and they are 2 of my most treasured items.
    2. I want that sweater (just 10x bigger)
    3. The Help was an amazing book.
    4. can't wait to see that adorable whale.
    you are so inspiring!

  2. That vest is so cute Tiffany - great job!!

    Maybe you should start an Etsy store...those would sell quick :)


    By the way...did the Trader Joes Dishwasher soap make black scratches on your dishes?

  3. Rhonda- no it did not.... but, I no longer use the dishwasher soap.
    you might want to check if there is a loose piece of "something" in your dishwasher~ it may be banging them up a bit.
    Now a days I make my own....
    recipe posted here.