Friday, February 25, 2011


in the NOOK
for a good book.

yes, I got a NOOK.
I didnt pay full price for it- I could not justify that....
but, with my birthday money I bought a pre-owned NOOK.
I like to read. I always have a good three or four books going at one time.... and I never really get to finish them until months later. What can I say, I am a mom. Moms never get to finishing things they set out to do ( that is a generalization, I know... but in our house- it is 80% true). The price for a book is insane.... and sometimes the library will take forever to have the book come in....
so, this purchase, was justified, as well as frugal.

but my NOOK was "naked".
exposed for little fingers to touch.
I had to make something- and quick.

with a little bit of felt, a sewing machine, pinking shears, ribbon and a good 15 minutes....
I made this.

sorry about the photos- they are horrid!
Cider's hair happens to love felt- it sticks like tape!
but you get the idea.
serves the purpose.
saves it from little fingers.

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  1. I've seen the ads...I hear they are addictive. I can see the reasoning, I've been waiting for months for a book I want at the library!