Monday, March 7, 2011

One Small Change... removing unused items

Our monthly small change is to declutter and remove.....
during the winter seasons we tend to not see what things may crowd out the simple things in life.....
we just leave them alone or push them aside to deal with later.
This month the sun is beginning to shine in the windows,
the days are getting longer and my One Small Change for the month of March is about removing those crowding things, bring in the sunshine, and make space in our home for more community, more time, and more moments together.

this opening up the closets, taking things that do not need to be in there, allowing fresh air to filter through..... this task is not only about "renewing" a space, but about refreshing my soul. Allowing myself to feel the way I need to feel towards a life of simplicity.

How is this a green choice....
well, it is not only about contentment with what I have already, but is allowing my "space" to not be filled with "things" and filling it with unseen values.... love, memories, friendships, peace, calm and family. Things that money cant buy- but are much more valuable.
Its not about what I am going to do- but what awareness it brings to the surface.... opening my eyes, and my being, to what I already have, what is already to much, and seeking a consciousness in those unseen values.


  1. thanks for sharing! so fun to make the same changes as other folks and hear their thoughts on it!

  2. I agree, these longer days make me want to throw open the windows, give everything a good airing out and a good clear out. Shame it's so cold still, but I am still getting on with a good declutter. Actually, I just sat down for a few after clearing out five bags of too small clothes for the kids. It feels so good to declutter and start spring with a new outlook.

  3. I am doing some purging this week too! How do I accumulate so much useless stuff?

  4. Great choice for this month Tif - good luck and have fun! :D

  5. Tif - I need to do this too! I usually tackle a cupboard, drawer or closet each week, but there are too many nooks to keep things up this way. I need to make a daily goal and get at it. I love checking your blog - and your puppy is adorable!! Makes me almost want to get one.