Monday, April 4, 2011

do you feel this way?

okay ( a while back)... I planted seeds in peat pots.....
and got many "growing" little seedlings.
the hubby kept asking me (or telling me) to thin them out or they could choke and die.
::I thought::
"Thin them out!!!"
"I cant do that!!!"
that's selective reduction of my.... MY seedling babies....
I cant just pick and choose which one will feed my family, and which one I will toss aside and never use....
I JUST CANT!!!!!!!

well..... after 2 weeks of his begging....
I finally sat down to contemplate the futures of my sweet little seedlings.
With the help of one little,
I laid a towel out on our table....
filled many more peat pots with soil.....
and began "the transplant procedure".
I carefully took each seedling out.... gave it a new home...
and crossed my fingers for a successful transplant.

I have no idea where this instinct came from....
but I also cant explain why I sing to them when they get water, or talk about how beautiful they are when I place them under their lights (or sun).

Is this taking the maternal bond to far????
please tell me you do this too!

maybe that is why signs like this exist....


  1. hahaha..thanks friend you gave me a good laugh today! Miss you and love you!

  2. Great, I don't feel so bad now! Yes, I do the very same thing. But my husband eats the ones that I choose to "abort"...micro greens! You know I decided to plant only one seed in some of my rows and they all germinated...I wonder if we NEED to plant multiple seeds in one spot or if we're just wasting seeds???

  3. I have to say it kills me - I just transplant the hole lot and then feel cheated when they don't grow! Go for it girl it sounds like you are doing a fine job! :D