Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Coop Creation~ step 1

General at 6 weeks.
Notice her head feathers are starting to come in. She is our "big girl".

::What you need to know about setting up the coop::
First you must find a good place to have it
(be sure to think of the door access and the grumbles of neighbors).
We set ours up in the back of the garden space... towards the back of the yard and the furthest spot from all the neighbors. Ground has been broken.... framing is almost set to be put up we just need the rains to stop for a bit.

next- tell the girls all about their new home and share with them how much
they are gonna love it!
Maybe even walk the grounds together~ you know, explore the new digs.

But most of all~ stop for a photo op with mom and give a cute smile!


  1. Woop woop! I am officially jealous. Green with envy. :) Do you have neighbors close by, or are you on the rural end of things? My neighbors are in very close proximity and wonder how bothered they will be my birds...

  2. love that picture of O and the chick!

    be sure to make that coop coon-proof. :(