Monday, May 16, 2011

catch-up #1

So Much has gone on the past few weeks
and I have had no time to blog....
so over the next few weeks I will be having....
what I call....

you all get caught up... and I get to not feel guilty about all that has gone on.

sounds like a plan to me.....

so..... today's post.
Title: CRUISIN' the Pacific Northwest.

you read that right.....
two weeks ago- I went on a 6 day cruise with a girlfriend. My mom and Aunt were also on this cruise~ although I didn't see them much, it was sure nice to have them close by for dinner dates, long poolside chats, and laughter.
This cruise was my time to wind down from the life that I live with strict schedules, Doctor/therapy appointments, to-do lists, and boys. I can honestly say I did not do a single thing that required a time frame (other than dinner reservations and a cooking class with a ship chef..... both things I wanted to do.)
We started in SanDiego (flew in at 9am) and I got to spend some time with my brother and Devina. Boarded the boat at 3.... set out for open seas by dusk.

Spent two days at sea,
Port in Astoria, OR (walked around... then stayed on the ship)

Port in Victoria,BC. I love this little town.

Port in Vancouver, BC. I love this city.

visited a cupcake shop (because there is always a good reason for a cupcake) the artist area on Granville Island (a similar feel to a Pikes Place vs farmers market) and thai dinner with an old friend, Kisa.
Took the train home.... a whole 8 hours. I survived the first 7- but then became a little loopy on the tail end. I just couldn't stop laughing ( at a man next to us with really strange noises coming from him).
Jen and I had a great trip.... although we didn't do much, this trip was about doing nothing~ and being absolutely thumbs up about it. and so that is what I did... Two thumbs up!

~this photo is after a long day during ROUGH seas... "barf bags" at each of the elevator exits.....


  1. So glad you had a good time and were able to relax!! I'm looking forward to your other catch ups!

  2. Great idea. Can you email me the cruise company info, I'd love to go on this with my family.