Tuesday, May 31, 2011

catch-up #3

Title: Decked out!

so, over the winter Bry and the boy older have been tearing out our deck.... piece by piece.... cutting it, reclaiming some of it (for the coop) and the rest sending away.....
(winter photos of taking out the deck)

while I was away on my vacation the design was set in motion....
the covered area was build and the framing was done.
The next step was to add the planks and bench seating.
(spring photos of it being built)

we added a roof over 1/3 of it, and some supports across the top to string bulb lights, as well as stairs all along the front.... so that a railing does not block the view of our backyard.

800 square feet of outdoor wonder! Love it.
the deck is made with Tiger Wood (no, not named after the golfer)....

a very hard, responsibly harvested wood
that looks absolutely amazing!
not only that but it will last and last and last.......
look at the marble affect.

I could sit on this forever....

I know my "honey-do" list is long...
and seems to be full of big tasks....
but I must say


  1. What a wonderful place to sit - it looks fantastic, too! You must be so pleased with your new deck.

    Pomona x

  2. Whoa, that will get some serious use when the sun comes out and you can fire up the grill!

  3. Looks great - we are doing the same thing but, unfortunately, ours is not complete yet. Can't wait to relax in the summer air without the sun scorching down on us!