Friday, May 27, 2011


I picked up the EdiblePORTLAND at our local WholeFoods and was attracted to this article.... Escape to the Country.
people are wanting to visit farms,
to stay and work...
for vacations....
what a novel idea~ travel back in time to when things were simple. Where time is ran by the rotations of the sun and not the watch. Where the hum of the computer is replaced with a hum of a tractor. When you sit at your table and can see all the fruits (and veggies) of your labor right in front of you.... taking nothing for granted, and truly feeling blessed.

I sure wish one day.... to have every day like this... not just two weeks in a year.

Laura Ingalls would be proud~ dont you think?

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  1. Having lived on a rural farm for awhile I can say I'm happier in my urban environment now. But I do wish my family still had their farm so I could visit every once in awhile. That I miss!