Tuesday, June 7, 2011

catch-up #4

Title: The Chickens... the He and the She of it all.
They were born in early February.
Brought home in mid March.
They were cared for and loved every day with the utmost for their well-being.
we lost one leaving us with 3....
and soon the others grew.
and grew.
the coop was finished.
and they moved into the new digs.

One day..... we heard a noise.
was it a cluck????
not sure.
so the days went on.... and the noise continued.... not at a constant~ but every. so. often.
it wasn't particular to the mornings....
but it was growing....
not a "coca-doodle-doo"... but (after a week) a "coca... something or other".
So I made a call....
she said" does it look different.... you can tell by how different they look"
I told her it didn't have saddle feathers, but some were starting to be pointed.... but it didn't look different..... "
that night I was resting on the couch when it came to me....
if it doesn't look different.... then maybe... just maybe.....
I have two roosters.

the next day, my suspicions were confirmed....
by not one...
but two different rooster crows..... ALL DAY LONG!
oh the timing these little guys have.
please tell me you see the humor of it all.

here they are in order.... the hen (Sweetie) and the men (Sesame and General)
we were able to return the two males.... and we got 3 newbies (at about 7 weeks).
but there will be more on that tomorrow, because trust me....
there is still more to tell!


  1. Oh my goodness, thankfully you could return them. I have heard so many stories of roosters that are hard to get rid of..... love how big the hens are getting. So jealous. of the hen thing, not the roosters. :)

  2. We had three girls until one started to doodle doo - luckily he only crows at lunch time and he cares for his girls (and the two new ones we raised from eggs)so beautifully he has become a handsome member of our family....two though, wow! :D

  3. Em, sadly... here in the city we cant keep roosters...... or I would have kept one. My neighbors didnt mind the noise (surprising!) but with two... there was bound to be a cock- fight soon. No wonder the two kept trying for highest pecking order!!!

  4. Oh my! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!