Monday, June 6, 2011

he wasnt wrong....

okay... so he was 50/50.
Saturday was like heaven on earth~ a nice hot 79ish, with a cool breeze to refresh the glistening skin...
Sunday, a tad cloudy and clammy~ closing with a thunderstorm (quick and neat!)
Both days were worthy of sunscreen.

so we had a weekend outside....
dad- finished the floor bit of the deck.

O- had a lemonade sale.

Cider- found a new interest.... bees. (if you cant find her, look by my lavender.... she's always sniffing around here for little flying friends)

and B- well, he enjoyed life in the sandbox.


  1. That all looks sooooo good! xx

  2. The lemonade sale reminds me of an old Snoopy episode !