Saturday, June 25, 2011

Large balloons

this year's Festival of Balloons was one that we couldn't miss. Every year, we are never here in the summer.... we always travel south.....
so to be able to make it to the Balloon festival was a special Friday Field Trip for us.

we got there early Friday when the crowds were very very small. To be honest~ that made all the difference. Both boys enjoyed themselves. Bjorn "relaxed" much more quickly (when we approach new situations~ he tends to hide around me, or grips my hand as if I am his only life line). This behavior or anxiety can sometimes last for an hour or two in a new environment, but on this particular day it only lasted for 15 minutes and he was talking, running around, and really enjoying the energy and people around him. It was great!

We stayed for 2 hours..... the boys went on a few rides.... and we all left with smiles and stories of how much fun we had.

this one of O is my favorite.... he is yelling so loud that the girl in front is staring back at him! everyone was laughing.
B cracks a smile!
someone is having tooo much fun!

"let's raise our hands"
"what's next?"

later that weekend O and his dad went back to watch the balloons lift off at night. What a beautiful sight! O even got to sit in a basket for a while......
now you see him......
now you dont! (except his hands and the tip of his head... the flames scared him!)


  1. I've never heard of this event, Beanie would have loved it when she was younger...

  2. It's the Tigard Balloon Festival, over in Cook Park. Always in the end of June. lots of fun!