Thursday, June 23, 2011

what have I done.

my time is consumed. other than keeping to the schedule, I have spent all my time figuring out the whole GFCF thing.... being 5 weeks in~ we have had "oh so much fun" doing this (please sense the sarcasm!)

research. reading labels. purchasing. returning. purchasing again. trying to figure out how to make this fit in our lives.....
as a girl who likes things wholesome and real~ going to the store to buy many flour mixes (because the all taste like CRAP!!!!!) or buying a box of this, or a pre-package of that.... because I have no clue what to feed the boy....
and we ALL know how I feel about prepackage things.....
is taking up all my energy and pocket change!

so, life has had a few adjustments. some against my idea of food.... but, I am learning each week.
one book that has saved my life... in this whole new world is COOKING FOR ISAIAH

you open the first page and she has a make your own flour mix, and pancake mix. That my friends changes the playing field. Saves money from all the packaged stuff, and now gives you options!

her recipes are great! very wise.... very good.... and both of my boys have loved them. Making her meals is also giving me ideas on how to expand beyond and go it "on my own"

I am now thinking this is doable.
This can work.
This fits into my philosophy of cooking for my family.

now that I have this going well....
lets get back to knitting, crafting, quilting, reading and parenting.
(wipes sweat from brow, and sips some wine).


  1. I'm so happy you found a fabulous resource! Good luck and happy adjusting!

  2. Good luck. Mother-in-Law has coeliac disease & how she can eat the manufactured gluten free bread/cakes is beyond me. Just the list of "ingredients" (chemicals ?) is enough to put me off. There are some good recipes out there - made a fantastic chocolate cake with ground almonds instead of flour that tasted like a "real" cake.Happy cooking x